Thursday, January 10, 2013

Network Storage Solutions For Your Business

Courtesy of Digiliant

More and more companies these days are taking notice of and taking advantage off some of the benefits of network storage server solutions. ISCSI storage solutions can offer benefits that are veritably limitless. Just a few of the options, ideas, and solutions include:

Using a network attached storage device is a great way to store all of your electronic information on one safe and secure server group. Classified or sensitive information can be kept on these servers where they can be accessed by employees and authorized users, but are held locked away from the public and from hackers who would attempt to thieve the information. This can also help with storage limitations of work computers and devices, giving many more gigabytes of storage at a much cheaper price.

Using a set of portal computers (Desktop computers that are stripped down to the bare minimum of hardware and devices) to access the mainframe stored on a server. The benefit of this is that each one of the portal computers is simply a gateway to access the main computing power of the server clusters. This can greatly reduce the need for replacement parts or having to replace outdated computer hardware.

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