Monday, February 11, 2013

Dell Cuts Production, How Does This Affect You?

At the end of January 2013 computer maker Dell told the world that they would be cutting their hardware production, as the demand for laptops has surpassed desktops, making them a money-loser. What does this mean for Dell computer owners?

Well, first of all, there will be no change to any of the warranties already in-place. The company will have to replace and fix any problems with Dell Computers. But this will most certainly affect those that have desktop Dell computers, and those Dell laptop owners without a warranty.

Depending on the store you purchased your computer from, you may have some extra options and extended warranties that you could utilize, but you must remember that the big electronics stores know how this will affect computer owners as well, so be ready for a huge charge to warranty Dell computers. For many owners, this charge may be high enough to make the computer upside-down in its worth; these customers would be much better off, financially-speaking, simply purchasing a new computer.

If you have a Dell computer, do not want to extend your warranty, and do not have the means currently to replace your computer, the best thing for you to do is to have the computer maintained regularly by professionals, make them aware of the situation, and have them help to push the computer's life span to its limits. are the Dell laptop experts, have been for many years, and plan to continue to service Dell computers into the future. Though this will be a big change in the computer industry, Parts People hope that they can make the transition into the future a smooth one.

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